Most Valuable Amethyst

Most Valuable Amethyst

Amethyst is a delicate and precious semi stone that contains a violet or purple variety of quartz. It’s mainly used to make pricey jewelry like rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, as long as that stone can be held in a flashy position to complement the outfit won. Due to their appalling beauty and color, they are believed to hold the power to calm the mind while giving a soothing feeling to your soul. One glance at it and you will immediately feel at peace, forgetting all your troubles for a minute. It stimulates the mind to relax, and a feeling of happiness is quickly rushed through your nerves. This could be why women love jewelry because it makes them happy and be at peace.

When going to purchase jewelry that’s

When going to purchase jewelry that’s been made from this mineral, you’ll find that as much as they are from the same stones, they are priced differently. As you observe them keenly, you’ll see that the material may be the same, but color concentration may differ in each of them. The deeper or darker the color, then the more valuable it becomes. Those with a dark shade of violet are priced higher than those with lighter shades. A dark shade implies that its concentration of quartz is high, raising the value on it. To get those with strong saturation, you have to mine deeper, a factor that increases their overall price as well. This is because of the water that filtrates through the rock, carrying the minerals lower into the ground as it sips down, and settling at the lowest level.

Most Valuable Amethyst

The color purple is mainly associated with royalty, and that is the group of people that mainly access amethyst in the earlier centuries. Its color made it almost impossible for the common citizen to own since they were also priced high for them not to afford it. Centuries later, this stone has become easily affordable to the normal citizen because they are widely available. Its supply and demand ratio balances out, making it a special affordable gem. Luckily, its pricing is not equated to its carat weight but is determined by the darkness of its purple shade.

Its colors vary, with the lightest shade being pale lilac, and the darkest being deep reddish-purple. These colors are also divided into groups where we’ve got those that are translucent separate from the transparent ones. A stone may be deep reddish-purple, but it’s transparent, making this gem less pricey than that which is translucent. The most valuable one is that which is deep purple with minimal color zoning. Under natural light, this gem looks the best as compared to when seen under artificial light. When exposed to the sun once, you’d want to have it there for all the time that you have it. The most priced stone, that with a deep purple shade, is known as Siberian amethyst.

This jewelry isn’t washed by simply running it through soapy water and rinsing it. To preserve its natural beauty, it’s cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner or with warm water, mild soap, brushed using a brush with soft bristles, and later air-dried. Direct exposure to sunlight can damage it, making it necessary to avoid exposing it to the sun for too long.

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