Pricing of Amethyst Crystals

Pricing of Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystal is the type of quartz that is found in colors that are not the same. The colors of the crystals range from purple to pale lilac; they are known by people and were once among the most precious stones like diamonds. Many amethysts are mined from countries like Brazil, Tanzania, and Uruguay today, with Brazil being the leading country where they are mined from. There are different types of people who buy it for different uses. Some buy it as jewelry, while others buy it to use at home to decorate them other people collect it to be put at their homes.

It is the most used stone for making jewelry because of its purple color, hardness, and low price. The darker the color of the crystal, the more money it will be sold for, with purple crystals being sold for more money than clear crystals. The number of people who will be working to make the crystal from its raw form into jewelry also shapes how much the price of the crystal is going to be. Since Siberia used to produce a pure form of amethyst crystals with purple colors with flashes of red and blue in them, pure forms of these stones are known as Siberian. Clear crystals sell for as low as $2 per carat, while those with a darker color sell from $5-10 per carat. Siberian crystals sell for much more than that because of their pureness.

Polished amethyst is known as chevron

The crystals are used in decoration, with people placing them at the fireplace, in their home libraries, and living rooms. A great number of the type of amethyst used in decoration is mined from Brazil and Uruguay. Geodes used to decorate are hard to find, making them cost more when bought to be used in the decoration of homes. Generally, color also affects how many decorative crystals will be priced, with darker crystals from Uruguay being more expensive than the lighter ones from Brazil. The size of geodes causes its price to be low or high, and big crystals have a higher price. How a geode looks controls how much it’s going to be sold for, those which have nice formations of crystals will have a higher price. Geodes are sold at prices that are the same, with those having dark colors, and nice formations of crystals in them are going for as much as $150 per KG. Crystals with light colors are going to be sold at $20.

Polished amethyst is known as chevron amethyst; it is found as big veins mixed with white quartz in decorating houses, jewelry, and ornaments. It is cheap to mine, and how much the crystal will be sold for is controlled by the amount of work put in place after it has been mined. Polished amethyst is produced from Brazil, India, and Madagascar. The size controls how much chevron amethyst will be sold, and big ones are sold at high prices because they need more workers to turn them into stones that will attract customers. In addition, the darkness of the chevron determines how much it will be priced, and dark crystals are sold for more money than light crystals.

Pricing of Amethyst Crystals

Mineral collectors collect amethyst for their homes, and they buy amethyst that is hard to find, the ones that have crystal formations that are not the same as other amethyst, and where they were found. The three things that collectors look for control how much amethyst will be sold. Hard to find amethyst will be bought for more money than types of amethyst which are easy to find. Amethyst crystals are mostly found in countries like Uruguay, and this means crystals from this country will be sold at low prices to mineral collectors. If crystals are found in England, they will have a higher value than stones of the same size from Uruguay and will be sold for more money.

The pricing of amethyst is controlled by different things like the darkness of the crystals and their size. Since amethyst crystals are in most countries, their value has become less as it is still a valuable stone.

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