Purpose of Mining in Life

Purpose of Mining in Life

Earth is rich with natural resources, some of them are found underground. We extract minerals so that we can benefit from them directly, or for business. In business, value addition takes place for good profit margins to be realized. A simple example where value is added is in the case of processing crude oil to by-products. Among many more benefits of mining attention is given to some so that we can have a clear understanding of the purpose of mining;

1. Provision of minerals, the stones people use to build houses are products of mining. Quarries have for long supplied man with a diversity of building materials including sand, gravel as well as ballast. Availability of a variety of quarry products provide man with more options for aesthetics since every mineral is unique. Apart from constructing houses, these minerals can be exported to foreign countries for a variety of purposes. Diamond is a mineral that has earned Russia lots of income from exports to foreign countries. Fashion industry heavily relies on minerals for the manufacture of beautiful, expensive adornment ornaments.

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Gold bracelets, watches, tiaras, rings as well as gold items display affluence. The association of gold to wealth is so accepted that even in films, the color of gold is used for costumes of powerful characters for example, kings. Diamond is another mineral used to make expensive jewelry, diamond is however less valuable than gold. Jewels from diamond sparkle attractively, shinning like a star, especially when tilted a little. When placed in a bright environment with sufficient light, it reflects the light in a spectacular manner creating a beautiful scene. Ornaments from it are given as gifts to friends, lovers or family to show love or affection.

It is also a very hard material, a property that makes diamond jewelry durable. Due to this hardness property, it is used as an abrasive for cutting other metal. Focusing on engineering sectors, fuels are essential requirements for providing energy to run the engines. Most fuels are by-products of crude oil which is acquired from rocks below the surface of the earth. Countries in the Middle East continue to expand their economy from exporting the by-products of crude oil to other countries. Through deeper drilling into the earth, man continues to make profits from the rich crude oil reservoirs the earth harbors.


2. Creation of jobs, all those who are employed in the mining industry earn their income from products of mining. From the top management of authorities that govern oil operations down to the laborers working in the oil factories. In many government cabinets, there is a ministry for minerals that is responsible for facilitating smooth flow of mining operations. When the ministry employ workers, the living standards of citizens improve because they earn salaries for the services they offer.

3. Provides solution to unproductive land, since not all the land is arable. There are parts on this earth whose ground consists of just stones or sand. In such cases, agriculture proves impossible, an alternative use of such land is sale of the resource that is available in plenty.

Purpose of Mining in Life

4. Promotion of science and technology, through invention of better ways of conducting mining operations. The insatiable desire of man to identify new oil reservoirs leads to the improvement of satellite technology which identifies the areas with oil deposits. Through observation and interpretation of satellite imagery, deposits of crude oil can easily be spotted. Satellite images are quite different from a photograph as they provide detailed information about a place as spectral signatures. In simple terms, satellites can penetrate the earth’s surface and reveal what is beneath.

Mechanical engineers are also challenged to provide modern machinery that meets the growing demand for exports. Excavators that can perform faster while reducing the rate of fuel consumption. Computer programmers are kept on toes to provide safer and secure means of payment that can accommodate big transactions. The transactions emanate from rising demand of certain mineral, like with petroleum products. As technology grows, the term mining is gaining different meanings, apart from mining tangible products. Another upcoming meaning is the purchase of modern digital currency, probably they termed it so because the benefits of mining are sweet. The sole purpose of mining is to provide valuable items to mankind so that he may benefit from them.

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