The Effects of Mining

The Effects of Mining

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals like gold, diamond, copper, coal, iron, bauxite, natural gasses in addition to other valuables from the earth’s crust. Rates at which mining is done are increasing following high market demand for the minerals. This process involves the use of many machines together with numerous harmful chemicals with dangerous side effects. It consequently proves to be a bad activity with a list of reasons along the lines discussed below.

The activity causes pollution in the surrounding areas. Most forms are air, water, and noise pollution. Air contamination occurs when machines in the mines emit smoke into the atmosphere with numerous health effects on human health. When breaking large rocks into smaller parts, a lot of noise is produced from the explosions, causing noise pollution.

Most soil erosion cases, the ruggedness

A lot of dust is emitted into the environment leading to serious cases of respiratory diseases. People living around mining locations are at a higher risk of getting these respiratory diseases from the large amounts of dust they inhale during breathing. Near rivers are where most ores are processed due to the availability of plenty of water to wash them, causing a lot of pollution when waste is released into the river. Contaminated aqua is unfit for drinking, which as a result, leads to the spread of water-borne diseases to people who consume it. Hearing problems are caused by loud noises from explosions when breaking down large rocks. The loud noises result in hearing problems for workers and people living near these minefields.

Most soil erosion cases, the ruggedness of the land, loss of biodiversity, and infertility of land are caused by mining. The harmful chemicals used when carrying out mining contaminates the soil, underground, and surface water. It also causes huge destruction of landscapes, forests, and habitats of wildlife at mining sites. When trees, plants, and topsoil are cleared from mining areas, the land is left bare, ugly in addition to having loose soils which are easily be washed away by rains. This, in turn, leads to soil erosion or destruction of agricultural land. Heavy rains wash away fertile topsoils around mining areas into streams or rivers, leaving land for agriculture unfit for farming. All important nutrients for plant growth have been washed away. When mining activities end and the operators fail to perform corrective measures that will bring the land back to its initial beautiful state, it becomes ugly therefore loses its scenic view.

The Effects of Mining

Global warming, acid rains, and unusual weather pattern a result of harmful mining exercises. Mining is a heavy industrial activity that involves the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere. The gases on reaching the atmosphere mix with vapor to form acid rain that corrodes metal surfaces, burns plants, and affect all living things that consume rainwater. Large diesel trucks that move around transporting mining materials emit a lot of carbon dioxide, contributing to climatic change when in excess. Trees play a major important role in absorbing excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that would otherwise prove harmful to human and animal life. When these trees are cut down to pave the way for mining activities to occur, there is less absorption of carbon dioxide, leaving large amounts of it to accumulate in the atmosphere that result in harsh climatic conditions that lead to global warming. Mining, as a result, proves to be a bad activity with a list of harmful effects to all organisms.

The mining process comes out as a bad activity with negative effects on both human beings, plants, animals, and other living things. It leads to soil, water, air pollution, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, acid rain, and contamination of fertile soil that would be used for agriculture. The dangerous mining process comes with various health issues both to the workers and people living in mining areas. Wastage of aqua occurs since a lot of water is needed for cleaning the mineral ores. Corrective measures should be put in place by the operators of mines to ensure that all the negative effects as a cause of mining are controlled for a healthier environment. They should use methods that are friendly to the environment for mining.

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